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Friends of Fusion

Hopestead is a non-profit organization that aims to provide housing and support services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to help people transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency by providing them with the resources they need to secure stable housing, gain employment, and improve their overall well-being. They provide a variety of services such as case management, job training, and access to healthcare and mental health services. Additionally, they work to advocate for policies and programs that address the root causes of homelessness and to raise awareness about the issue in the community



LNPG has become the largest buying group for private landlords in the country, having collectively spent more than £83 million in the last ten years. LNPG members are able to leverage the buying power of the entire group to obtain contract pricing for their properties and saving thousands of pounds in the process – even better, an LNPG membership means cutting down costs without cutting out quality products, so savings can go much further.


Susan Alexander – Property Mentor

The Property Mentor is a property mentoring and coaching business which was established by Susan Alexander.

The concept behind The Property Mentor (TPM) is to offer a coaching and mentoring service to clients, on how to maximise their potential in the property market and how to be outstanding when it comes to property investing. The Property Mentor also shows clients how to fast track their way onto the property ladder.


Passiv Property

Passiv Property is responsible for providing accommodation for professionals, staff and trainees of some of the UK’s largest employers. They partner with local letting agents and landlords to provide safe and secure accommodation in Liverpool.


Glide Utilities

Glide provide bill sharing services and utilities to make it simpler for shared households and landlords to split the bills. They provide simple monthly bills for gas, electricity, water, telephone, broadband and TV licencing.


Vantage Law

Owed rent by an existing or former tenant? Need to get your property back from a problem tenant? Whether it‘s recovering money owed or possession of your property Vantage can help.


Renovate Me helps to accelerate the buying and selling of properties which have potential to add value. In an era where most people search for property online, Renovate Me seeks to list all UK renovation properties on one easy to use website. At Renovate Me, we understand how time consuming searching for the right project can be. Therefore our website includes a detailed search facility with clear map visuals to highlight categories of projects within a designated postcode search.


Mortgage Savers

For most people, “buy to let” means creating a pension nest egg, but it can be a lot more than that.

Mortgage Savers are landlords themselves, so they can also provide first hand guidance and knowledge as to how to build and develop a portfolio that will invariably end up being a lot larger than you may have initially thought possible!



Almost half of UK private landlords don’t use letting agents and sometimes struggle to find great tenants. uPad built a new type of lettings agency tailored for self-managing landlords.



Deposit Protection Service

The Deposit Protection Service protect deposits for tenancies in England and Wales.


Key Tracker

Keytracker Ltd can help you to find a solution for managing and securing valuable keys and assets. Whether you have keys for vehicles and machinery that need enhanced security, or equipment that needs to be monitored more effectively, Keytracker can provide you with a secure and organised approach to key and asset management.


Credit Informer

Credit Informer is a secure and easy to use online Credit Check & Consumer Information search application, tailored specifically for businesses that regularly require access to this information. It may be for personnel vetting, tenant vetting or for the purposes of extending credit to your customers.

O2 Water Solutions

O2 Water Solutions provides Legionella Risk Assessments, monitoring and control, water efficiency and water quality services to the public sector, utility companies and commercial and retail sectors.


Fantastic Services

Eight brands unite to bring you Fantastic Services, a family of experts to cater for all your home needs. Their ultimate goal is to make your life simpler and this forms the core part of their business philosophy. Today they have 1,000+ experts providing over 25 different services to more than 100,000 customers, helping them in their homes and businesses.