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💚❤️Who said red and green can’t be seen??💚❤️

While green and red are opposite each other on the colour wheel, they’re considered completely complementary, the two tones can still have a wonderful partnership. As you can see, red and green furniture can be used to create a variety of looks, from bold and eye-catching to more subtle and sophisticated.

🎈 Subtle Pops of Colour: To prevent overwhelming your space, introduce complementary colours in small accents. Try adding red throw pillows to a green sofa or hanging a red piece of wall art in a predominantly green-themed room. These subtle touches can bring balance and visual interest.

🎈 Play with Shades: Experiment with various shades of red and green to achieve a sophisticated and well-balanced look in your furniture choices. Consider pairing a deep boysenberry accent chair with a light teal green Knutsford sofa for a captivating contrast for instance.

🎈 Neutral Harmony: Offset the boldness of red and green by incorporating neutral colours into your furniture arrangement. Paint your walls in a soothing neutral tone and accessorise with red and green furniture pieces. For example, pair a neutral-coloured sofa with vibrant red and green cushions to create an inviting and harmonious living space.