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Welcome to our brochure download page, exclusively tailored for landlords and developers like you. Here at Fusion Furniture Solutions, we are excited to present a wide range of brochures featuring our exceptional furniture collections for the year 2023.

Explore our beautifully designed brochures that showcase furniture solutions crafted with your needs in mind. Whether you’re seeking furniture for your rental properties or upcoming development projects, we invite you to freely browse and download our brochures


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House Builders

Discover our cutting-edge furniture solutions for property developers. This brochure highlights our contemporary designs and customisable options, allowing you to create unique and high-quality interiors that appeal to prospective buyers and renters.



Designed with the needs of student properties in mind, our Student brochure presents space-efficient and durable furniture solutions. From practical study areas to comfortable communal spaces, this brochure provides options that cater to the specific requirements of your student accommodation.



Our Housing brochure presents a wide range of furniture options suitable for long-term residential, social housing or extra care properties. Whether you’re furnishing a single-family home or an apartment complex, this brochure offers an array of designs to suit your various tastes and budgets.

Fusion Furniture Solutions - House builders Brochure
Fusion Furniture Student Brochure
Fusion Furniture Housing Brochure



Explore our comprehensive range of furniture solutions specifically designed for your needs as a landlord. This brochure showcases stylish and durable furniture options, providing you with the perfect furnishings to create inviting and functional living spaces for your tenants.


Serviced Accommodation

If you’re looking to furnish serviced apartments or short-term rentals, our Serviced Accommodation brochure is perfect for you. It showcases elegant and functional furniture sets that enhance the comfort and style of your temporary living spaces.

Fusion Furniture HMO Brochure Download
Fusion Furniture - Service Accommodation Download Brochure